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Wood Fired Urns
2018-05-05 20.32.15.jpg

  Primitive, earthy, spiritual, ritual, tactile, subtle, these are some words to describe the work that comes from a good wood firing. The ancient process of using our renewable resource to fire pottery.

 After years of planning and a year of work we are happy to be able to offer wood fired urns to Earthhandsfire's inventory.

  Here is a link to see the process of building our wood kiln:

  Wood firing is a laborious and time consuming process but the results are fascinating, curious and often times subtly beautiful. Flame shadows, ash deposits and flashing are all a part of the work and it sometimes takes awhile to discover the nuances of each piece. Take some time and browse the photos. If you don't find anything you like now check back later as we are always adding to our inventory of unique urns.


* Note: The nature of wood fired work is unpredictable. Many times work may come out of the kiln with drips and what I like to call kiln markers. These "blemishes" are all part of the process and most are left as a reminder of that process. Some are "cold worked", ground to better finish the piece. No urns are available that are not structurally sound. Many are rough appearing, dry or very wet with the glaze, these are all part of the wood fired ceramic art.

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