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     Inspired by Earth's mountains, oceans, trees and rocks, and all of their colors, forms and textures, I use my hands, clay and fire to make urns for cremated remains.

     Each urn is a one-of-a-kind, made by using the Raku and soda ash style of firing. These two methods of kiln firing are unpredictable and during the process each urn is subject to marvelous possibilities, duplicating nature inspired textures and colors. After firing, each urn comes out of the kiln always different, interesting and surprising and each invites you to look and feel.

      I incorporate what I observe in nature, the subtle colors and patterns, sometimes organized, sometimes random. I like that in my work. I try to control to a certain degree, but only so far. Each urn inside the kiln will do what it needs to do . . . and the fire has the final say. 




If your interested in my other ceramic art work, please check out:

I am located in Stanwood, WA. but I can ship just about anywhere: New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Melbourne, Christchurch, Tokyo.

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